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Why Flourishing?

Flourishing can be thought of as a state in which all aspects of an individual, group, organization, or society are good - VanderWeele, 2017


Flourishing Associates is inspired by the work of Frankl, Seligman, Keyes, and VanderWeele on individuals as well as Schein, Ritchie-Dunham and Guillen on organizations. Flourishing Associates advises organizations on their strategy and goals as well as developing indicators and analytics to measure and track milestones and outcomes that move people and organizations forward.


Beth-Ann Tek, Flourishing Associates' founder, created a socio-ecological model to situate individual, organizational, and system levels of flourishing within society. The model demonstrates the ways in which schools and organizations can be realigned to focus on individual well-being according to human developmental milestones, needs, and goals.

Research indicates that when individuals are well, organizations and systems do well (Guillen, 2021; Ritchie-Dunham & Pruitt, 2014; Tek, 2014; etc. see research base). As such, supporting individual and group flourishing, whether it be students or employees, contributes to a flourishing society.

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