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Senior Fellow
The Flourishing Network, 
Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University

The Human Flourishing Program’s Flourishing Network (formerly Community of Practice) convenes regular online discussions of best practices and different approaches to assessing and promoting flourishing in a wide variety of settings. The Flourishing Network connects people around the world interested in flourishing research and practice with one another, and provides opportunities to engage with and utilize the flourishing framework and research of the Human Flourishing Program and to develop collaborations on the topic of flourishing.


Visiting Scholar
Consortium for Human Flourishing
at St. Louis University

The Consortium for Human Flourishing at Saint Louis University is an international and interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers and practitioners.  The Consortium aims to support the mission of the University by supporting individual and community efforts to improve quality of life and flourishing.


Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative 
at Notre Dame of Maryland University

The Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative at Notre Dame of Maryland University brings together researchers, administrators, practitioners, and thought-leaders to promote flourishing in teacher education. We believe that focusing on flourishing within teacher preparation and training programs is the first step towards a much-needed paradigm shift in education.

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