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About Flourishing Associates

System Management & Performance

Flourishing Associates' work is grounded in a framework and key indicators of success developed by the Founder. Flourishing Associates supports leaders to implement custom-tailored Flourishing Dashboards  and identify key insights for decision-making.


About the Founder

Beth-Ann Tek, Ph.D.

Beth is a data and implementation scientist with 20 years of experience using data analytics to build performance dashboards that assess the success and outcomes of education programs and systems for students and the adults who work with them.


In the education world, Beth has worked alongside educators, researchers, policymakers, philanthropists, and non-profit leaders at the national, state, and local levels. She brings passion and expertise to guiding system performance with a focus on staff and student well-being.


In 2024, Beth co-founded Synaps Analytics with Kat Niewiadomska. Synaps helps businesses to optimize their resource allocation, streamline management activities, and attract investment while driving toward tangible outcomes aligned with the business' purpose and goals. Synaps' data analytics and performance dashboards empower businesses to implement and sustain human-centered cultures of innovation, creativity, and sustainability that directly impact outcomes.

Beth is also a senior fellow of the Flourishing Network at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University  and Chair of the Network's Community of Practice focused on Measures.

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